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U.S. Army

I've been honored to work on the U.S. Army account since 2005. The Army is more than just a client to me — it’s played a played a big role in my family history.  Both of my parents (and their parents) spent entire careers at the Dep't of Army. My father is a VietNam vet and both grandfathers fought in WWII. So I’ve been proud to contribute in my way. And besides - the productions are huge, the tanks and helicopters are super cool and the Soldiers are really great people. 

Army Strong Anthem
First Tweet From Space

The U.S. Army has long had the unfortunate perception of being a low-tech organization. When in fact, it's been at the forefront of technological, scientific, medical and social innovation since it's inception. To combat that misconception we partnered with NASA to have Astronaut and U.S. Army Col. Tim Copra send the first tweet from space. It was pretty awesome. 

U.S. Army - Team Like No Other
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NASCAR car graphics
NASCAR car graphics