Field Trip to Mars

Lockheed Martin is already creating the technology that will take the first astronauts to Mars. And we've got to be ready, because that future crew is in school today. So to inspire today’s kids to learn the STEM skills they’ll need to make the trip, we showed that Mars is closer than they think. By creating the first ever group VR experience.  
We transformed a school bus into a moving, interactive, immersive display that made passengers feel what it it's like on Mars. We worked with Framestore to create windows that transformed into monitors - so when the bus drove on Earth, it looked and felt like it was driving on Mars. And after getting a taste of life on the Red Planet, students were excited to learn what it takes to go further.

It had the good fortune to become the most-awarded campaign at Cannes 2016.

Check out the long form video to see what went into bringing this idea to life. Framestore basically made magic.

Field Trip to Mars / Long Form Tech Case Study